Wouldn’t It Be Cool To Have Kathleen Come and Teach Your Class Art?

Sure it would! I am available to come to your classroom to teach all kinds of curriculum based art projects for all grades.

Incorporating art practice into the classroom allows students to develop creative thinking skills, which in turn can help them become more abstract thinkers able to find new solutions to problems. All my projects are designed to give the students the best chance at creating a unique piece (or pieces) of art that will give them confidence and make them realize that you don’t have to have an innate talent to create something amazing.

Some examples of my projects are below with new ones being added all the time.

For elementary school I do a variety of short and long term projects including Eric Carle based collage art, game theory, artist trading cards, simple machines (paper engineering) and light and shadow projects (miniature shadow puppet theatre), comic creation and observational drawing (botanical and still life).

For middle school I create a variety of projects including creating graphic novels, stop motion animation/Claymation, paper airplane design, paper engineering (Zoetrope), artist trading cards, game theory and creation, observational drawing (botanical and still life).

For high school I can teach more advanced types of art techniques like printmaking, water-media, oil painting, pastel painting, collage and paper mechanics (movable sculpture). As well I teach concepts of composition, light and colour theory for older students, and creative thinking to apply to all areas of learning.

I have all my security clearances and insurance and am ready to come to your classroom to provide the students with an amazing experience.